Butterfly Pastel Pink Kung Fu Tea Cup

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butterfly pastel pink kung fu tea cup

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Villari Pink Tea Cup Butterfly Pastel Pink Kung Fu Tea Cup

The diminutive sized cups epitomise gracefulness and will add a playful charm to your collection. Part of the Kung Fu tea collection, these cups complement the teapot charmingly. Each piece has been luxuriously handmade and painted in Italy, in a delicate pastel colour and finished with 24ct gold detailing. Perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated afternoon tea.

  • Kung Fu Tea Cup
  • Collection : Butterfly
  • Inspired by the poetic dance of butterflies in spring
  • Adorned with delicate butterflies and flowers
  • An exquisite statement collection
  • Material: handmade porcelain
  • Hand painted in a delicate pastel hue
  • Beautiful hand painted 24ct gold detailing
  • Dimensions: H3 x 6 cm.
  • Handmade in Italy
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    Handmade Porcelain



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